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  • Arapaho-Butler, Calumet fans unite in playoffs


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  • Arapaho-Butler, Calumet fans unite in playoffs

    authorFebruary 25th, 2015

    The students at Arapaho-Butler and Calumet have taken the basketball playoffs and made them a little more fun.

    The two schools have combined to cheer each other on throughout the playoffs, even creating T-shirts for this weekend's area tournament in Enid.

    "We have great kids and I'm sure they do too," Arapaho-Butler superintendent Jay Edelen said. "They've come together through ultra-competitiveness and developed a partnership. It's a great show of sportsmanship."

    T-shirts are being sold with the phrase, "Three towns, two teams, one voice," on them.

    Arapaho-Butler's boys basketball team won the district championship game against Calumet, while the Calumet girls won the other matchup between the two teams.

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